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Exotique Peacock

Exotique Starter Kit w/ Magic Wipe

Exotique Starter Kit w/ Magic Wipe

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"Unlock the secret to a radiant, healthy glow with our complete face-shaving starter kit. Say goodbye to the ordinary and say hello to extraordinary. In this kit, you'll find:

Pre-Shave Oil Magic Wipe: Our magic wipe prepares your skin for a smooth, comfortable shave.

Skin-Sensitive Blades: Our blades are gentle on your skin, ensuring a painless and close shave.

Gunk Pad for Easy Cleanup: After your flawless shave, use the gunk pad for quick and hassle-free cleaning.

With our kit, you're not just shaving; you're embracing a glowing transformation. Get started on your journey to a luminous complexion today!"

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